A-Music Introduction

Music for Generations

M.O.R. is a small project studio that focusses on writing and recording original audio and music for distribution as songs, audio, soundtracks, promotions, advertising and audio books.

With its partners M.O.R. has other publishing opportunities in the works for artists including web radio, twitch.tv and a regular podcast that listens closer to songs reviewed that week on unsigned-reviews.ca.

A-Music Production

From BOH to FOH, MOR can put on a show.

As a boutique audio and video shop, MOR works to manifest your small production project into whatever you would like to see and hear.

From songwriting, lyrics only, music only, instrumentals, atmospherics, experimental and mood music, the small group of artists at MOR zeroes in on the best sound needed and zeroes out any noise that may come with it.

Our project focus for over thirty years has netted a wide range of experience, skill and connections. As creators, MOR aims to nail down a good project groove and then map out the production and finishing details with other creators.

Logic X

Logic X Pro is the DAV I use to record, eq and mix my audio.


Apple has been my go-to computer since 1986.


I use a Fender amplifiers and Fender acoustic guitar.


I use Yamaha electric and acoustic instruments.


For small shows and recording ‘off the floor’ I use a Bose PA.

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A-Reviews and Radio

Submit Music for Playlist and Review

If you would like to have your music listened to by other musicians and maybe receive some positive feedback, press the Review button below. The MOR podcast is a curated set of songs taken from the links and uploads received the previous week, or thereabouts.

To contact us or send your musical work for consideration please fill out this form. Send links only. If we need a download file we’ll contact you.

    A-Music by Artists

    Music Publishing: blogs, radio, podcast

    is focussed on artist’s with original musical recordings or cover songs, properly accredited. Albums, singles, great out-takes. MOR is looking to create or support great music to be played on its web-radio and twitch.tv. stations and also for publication at unsigned-reviews.ca website. Artists who are happy with the content opportunities that M.O.R. offers for free and would like to learn more and work more closely with us are encouraged to make contact here with your best music and ideas for making one success roll into another..

    has grown through the ranks of tape recording up through all manner of digital tracking technique and gained a broad DIY perspective of the process, especially for the songwriter. We can be a few things to a few songwriters. By no means is MOR as large scale operation. What we do do we do well. This DIY view with focussed abilities is of great value to the artist as MOR functions the way they do. We know a few things but generally make it up as we go along. Our projects are unique adventures into how the artist ultimately speaks their truth without the process costing a fortune. Every artist is different but lots of artist’s work is not.

    This is how you can get in touch with us. Go here.

    • We will listen.
    • We will promote the music we like.
    • We will review your work positively on our blog and through our podcasts.

    MOR works with web radio stations around the world to playlist our roster of artists. There are a whole range of ways to get your songs out there. and MOR can help you put a strategy together. We welcome all sounds and genres except hip hop, Klezmer, rap and Latin Jazz.