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Original words and music by Desmond Grundy
The album from which this single was pulled is now available. Awake is the second single from the album and also the first song.

“Awake” is what some people say it is. And say it for all kinds of reasons; others hope for salvation in other ways. Placed first in the order for a reason.

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Single Purchase: The song was released December 31, 2020 as a single from the album “Animals on the Farm. (Mouthful of Records, 2020)

This song can also be purchased individually from itunes (320k, plus hear a short song snippet) and as a single download from Amazon. Also available for purchase at most online music stores.

If you prefer you can ‘rent’ the songs from this album at Spotify. It’s not a living wage but I like working there. If you like it come back and add the my new song to your collection.