A-Music Production

From BOH to FOH, MOR can put on a show.

As a boutique audio and video shop, MOR works to manifest your small production project into whatever you would like to see and hear.

From songwriting, lyrics only, music only, instrumentals, atmospherics, experimental and mood music, the small group of artists at MOR zeroes in on the best sound needed and zeroes out any noise that may come with it.

Our project focus for over thirty years has netted a wide range of experience, skill and connections. As creators, MOR aims to nail down a good project groove and then map out the production and finishing details with other creators.

Logic X

Logic X Pro is the DAV I use to record, eq and mix my audio.


Apple has been my go-to computer since 1986.


I use a Fender amplifiers and Fender acoustic guitar.


I use Yamaha electric and acoustic instruments.


For small shows and recording ‘off the floor’ I use a Bose PA.

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